Service guarantee

Service guarantee

Production operation guarantee service

We have a strong technical force, high-quality service team can undertake production and operation projects nationwide, providing housekeeper-style production hosting services.

Granulator core parts supply

Granulatormaintenance service

Granulator Maintenance Consumables Supply

Supplyof consumables for granulator maintenance

Granulator daily maintenance service

Daily maintenance and service of granulator

Pelletizer repair service

Granulatormaintenance service

Pelletizer platform inspection service

Granulator platform inspection service

Granulation Technical Support

Granulation technical support

EPC general contracting service

carbon neutral energy saving and emission reduction

One-stop construction, the whole worry-free.

The company undertakes the entire project construction including engineering design, equipment procurement, engineering construction, equipment commissioning, project completion acceptance, and production technology delivery. The implementation of each link is tracked and controlled by the engineer team to ensure the smooth progress and successful landing of the project.

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