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Zeguo Chemical

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DGZ series granulator

Since 1985, the DGZ series granulator has been successfully offline for mass production. Due to its high stability, simple operation and wide range of use, it has been recognized by the market. The advent of this series of granulator has filled the domestic gap.

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Product Application:

Suitable for chlorination, sulfuric acid, potassium chloride, potassium sulfate, various formula compound fertilizer, water soluble fertilizer, functional fertilizer, organic and inorganic compound fertilizer, water purification agent, snow melting agent and other granulation.

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Product Service

One-stop turnkey factory solution provider

Production operation guarantee service

We have a strong technical force, high-quality service team can undertake production and operation projects nationwide, providing housekeeper-style production hosting services.

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EPC general contracting service

The whole project construction including engineering design, equipment procurement, engineering construction, equipment commissioning, project completion acceptance and production technology delivery.

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