Troubleshooting Skills of Mixing Granulator

The overall noise of this kind of mixing granulator is relatively small, and the operation is relatively balanced, but in actual use, there will always be various failures. For this reason, we need to pay attention to the investigation according to the actual situation, so as to solve the related problems and avoid various situations.

1, dry roller granulator manufacturers introduced a good intention is to produce the opposite effect. The value of a talented operator cannot be overstated, nor can it be emphasized that the operator usually knows the characteristics of the equipment better than anyone. In other words, verify your set values, check the position of valves and shock absorbers, and confirm that all control and mechanical variables are entrusted. Whenever the variables are changed, the entire system may need to be rebalanced.

2. Visually conceptualizing the operation of the system is very helpful for troubleshooting transient conditions of the hybrid granulator. It sounds crazy. You need to imagine that you are part of the system and observe what is happening. For example, if you imagine that you are an air molecule starting from the surrounding air pool, one of your actions will be introduced into the system. The tool described in the above tip will allow you to measure things such as temperature and airflow, and allow to observe the confirmation of accumulation and short circuit.

The inspection of some electronic components is a very rigorous problem. It is usually assumed that electronic devices are either on or on, which is true when you have single-phase, but not always when you have three-phase power, losing a phase can cause a significant drop in performance, but not a system failure, which is very common for electrical components and motors, especially if they are over-designed.

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