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Since 1985, the DGZ series granulator has been successfully offline for mass production. Due to its high stability, simple operation and wide range of use, it has been recognized by the market.



Wenling Zeguo Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech environmental protection service enterprise focusing on the output of powder molding equipment and comprehensive solutions for development and production technology. Based on the resources and brands accumulated in the past 40 years, we have cooperated with many scientific research institutions. In the R & D and application of environmental protection granulation, we have formed a number of core equipment and technical standards with independent intellectual property rights, and have obtained more than 60 technical patents, and successfully entered the international physical molding technology field. Production equipment and technical services throughout the world. We can provide customers with systematic-station EPC engineering general contracting services, production of holographic managed services, etc. Ze Guohua Machinery adheres to the core values of customer-centered and service-oriented, adheres to the spirit of craftsmen, and implements technical management and business model innovation.

Product Application:

Suitable for chlorination, sulfuric acid, potassium chloride, potassium sulfate, various formula compound fertilizer, water soluble fertilizer, functional fertilizer, organic and inorganic compound fertilizer, water purification agent, snow melting agent and other granulation.


Key words:

Granulation, granulator, chemical granules

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