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Technical service


Technical service

Technical Support

The company has more than 30 years of experience in powder granulation since the development of granulator in 1985. For conventional materials, such as single medium and micro fertilizer, common compound fertilizer, formula fertilizer, etc., the company can directly provide project solutions and mature granulation technology. For special materials, the company has an independent laboratory and experienced engineers and technical consultants, can provide free testing services and professional technical analysis.

With rich experience and professional knowledge, zeguo chemical machinery can provide every customer with more professional and reliable technology and information.

Service Support

Pre-sales service:

1. The company has more than 30 years of experience in granulation and more than 2,000 successful cases. We will conduct detailed and in-depth communication with you to provide help for your in-depth understanding of zeguo chemical machinery and construction solutions.

2. Granulation solutions can be provided based on the actual situation.

3. Design and customize products according to special needs.

4. On-site investigation can be carried out, and engineering planning and design schemes can be made according to the existing site conditions.


In-sale services:

1. Select raw materials and advanced technology in strict accordance with the contract equipment list.

2. Strictly in accordance with iso9001:2000 international management system standards, and according to this standard and the relevant technical code of conduct for the standard production.

3. Make production plan in strict accordance with the contract to ensure the product quality and timely delivery. (note: except for force majeure and other factors)


After-sales service:


1. The company has a professional after-sales team, which provides free installation and debugging guidance services for complete sets of equipment, technical support for wearing parts replacement, and technical support for granulation.

2. After-sales engineers will visit customers from time to time to find and solve production problems and give more technical guidance.

Feeding Program

3-4 tons per hour
6-8 tons per hour
20-24 tons per hour
26-32 tons per hour
38-48 tons per hour