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After-sales engineer
Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for debugging and after-sales service of sales products on site;
2. Solve the problems occurred in the debugging and after-sales process of sales products, and provide timely reports;
3. Responsible for on-site communication with customers, timely solve customers' questions, and meet customers' reasonable requirements.
1. College degree or above in mechanical or related field, fresh graduates are welcome;
3. Careful, patient, proactive, creative, good communication and coordination skills;
4. Hard-working, willing to travel, strong sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit.
Sales engineer
Job responsibilities:
1. Complete the sales task of products in the region and increase the proportion of products in the region;
2. Responsible for market development, customer development, undertaking and maintenance in the region under my jurisdiction;
3. Master the situation of customers in the region, and provide customers with pre-sales and after-sales services;
Job responsibilities:
Recruitment of experienced and skilled welders (to argon arc welding or protection welding), wages by piecework, generally can have seven or eight thousand a month, five risks, including food and shelter. 9 hours per day, 2 days off per month, overtime is extra. Welding is the whole set of chemical equipment, is our company's own production of roller granulator. The location is at 288 zeguo changhong west road, wenling. Must be skilled, do not recruit novice.
Technical assistant/engineer
Job responsibilities:
1. Capable of drawing tools such as CAD and SOLIDWORKS;
2. Assist leaders to complete various tasks;
3, machinery or related majors, can recruit fresh graduates, male or female;
4. Complete other work arranged by the leader;
The reserve cadres
Job responsibilities:
1. Major in machinery;
2. Able to adapt to the job rotation system and accumulate experience from the grass-roots level;
3. Strong willingness to learn and enterprising spirit;
4. Accept business trips;
5. Major project manager and factory management manager. After the transition, the salary is considerable;