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historyThe company was founded in the last century, in 70s, was the first local has lathes, machining of the self-employed do foreign. The founder of the company has invented the production of weaving machine, food machine, tile machine, etc.. 1985, an accidental opportunity, the company received ammonium bicarbonate granulation difficult topic, began to intervene in the granulation of this industry. There is no precedent, no reference, to explore the research for nearly 4 years, finally, in 1988, the first generation of the successful development of the granulation machine and fertilizer plant in Lanxi into production.
Ammonium hydrogen carbonate mechanical granulation news spread like wildfire, company brand in the fertilizer circles set up quickly. At this time, Shanghai Chemical Research Institute has made contact with us. In a detailed understanding of the granulating machine company, Shanghai Research Institute of chemical industry to cooperate with us for the rare earth ammonium carbonate compound fertilizer granulation project. The unprecedented success of the project, laying the status of our company in the fertilizer industry.
30 years of insistence, now, the company has developed into a powder granulation industry leader. From the first generation of granulation machine to the tenth generation of granulation machine, the company will have an average of every two months. Scope of application also developed from fertilizer to chemical, environmental protection, metallurgy, medicine, building materials and other different industries.
30 years only for granulation, because professional so excellent!